About Us

“Out of these ashes, beauty will rise.” –Steven Curtis Chapman

Late in 2002 Hollyhocks began as a gift shop in the small community of Campton, Kentucky. By the end of 2004 it was evident that in order for the business to succeed, the business needed to look for another means of income. The thought was determined to produce a product, more importantly, to cater to a niche market within the gift marketplace.

A wonderful customer who happened to be our former County Extension Agent suggested we think about custom embroidery. We were lent a home-style embroidery machine before purchasing our own, and learned the basics of making embroidered items. Among other things, the natural color, woven memorial throw was born. In a year’s time, we became too limited in creativity. This opened the door for an upgrade to a high-tech, commercial embroidery machine.

Our strength came with the throws, which we now refer to as “Remembrance” throws, which are more popularly known as sympathy throws. We were able to provide a very special gift of an heirloom quality that was an alternative to flowers or traditional gifts, one that offered a tangible sincere sentiment and was personalized by the gift giver.

With some changes in software and materials, we’re proud to introduce our newly released line of quilted Remembrance throws. With every sympathy throw blanket we design, embroider, and send out the door, a piece of us goes with it. In reference to our sympathy throws, it warms our hearts to know, we’re offering our condolences as well. We take great pride in our workmanship to deliver a product our customer’s love, and a product which instills faith, life and strength of spirit for everyone.

Thank you for visiting our website! We welcome your feedback. For thoughts to improve our products or services, address your email to stbhollyhocks@gmail.com.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Kaye Holbrook (former Wolfe County Extension Agent) for her wonderful support, words of wisdom, and the challenges we achieved because of her inspiration.

Special thanks also to our customers, many of whom have inspired us as well with their designs and words of sentiments.