Four Became One


This Blended Family throw blanket is a great gift. The Ivory quilted throw features names of parents and children in two families who join to make one. Embroidered in Dark Red and Dark Gray on an Ivory quilted throw.  Give this heirloom quality quilt for a wedding gift or housewarming gift.  See checkout for personalized text options.  Ships within 48 hours.  Place your order today!


Our Blended Family Throw Blanket is a perfect wedding gift for two families who are joining into one. When a couple who have children of their own marry, a very special bond forms. A thoughtful housewarming gift such as this one commemorates that bond. The Ivory quilted throw shown features the sentiment “Four become one beautiful family” in mixed satin serif and script fonts with a flourish. The parents’ first names are then displayed below. We embroider children’s names, as well as the home establishment date, below.

Feature this throw as a home decor accent item for any living room, family room, or bedroom in the house. The family will cherish this keepsake for many years to come. This heirloom quality throw will constantly remind visitors of the family’s love for one another and the year when the new union was first established.

Celebrate the blended family’s legacy with this quilted, embroidered throw blanket gift. Order today!


The blended family throw design measures approximately 9″ wide x 4″ high. The thick Ivory cotton quilted blanket measures a generous 50″ x 60″. We sew each and every one of our embroidered quilts with a colorfast silk embroidery thread.

We use satin ribbon to secure each throw. A small dove charm with an olive branch attaches to the center bow of the ribbon for all sympathy throws. Alternately, we use an open heart charm for our non-sympathy designs. Included in Gift Packaging is either Dark Red or Dark Gray Tissue, a vinyl zippered keepsake bag, and a gift card. All of this is then packed in a white mailer box with our label on the top and shipping label on the bottom.

Non-Gift Packaging includes a gold stretch loop to secure the folded throw, and a vinyl zippered keepsake bag with gift card. All of this is then packed in a white mailer box with our label on the top and shipping label on the bottom.

For care, it is machine washable on your washing machine’s delicate cycle. You may either machine tumble dry in your dryer or hang it up to dry on the line.


Gift Card, Gift Packaging, and Personalized Text options are all available when checking out. Please Contact us via email or phone if you would like more than four (4) lines of personalized text. We welcome any and all custom orders.