A throw blanket, pillow, or frame is perfect for many occasions. Sympathy throws and pillows are heirloom quality gifts offering bereaved loved ones a lifetime of comfort. Throws also make a great wedding presents or anniversary gifts, a fitting love token that is also a beautiful home decoration. Occupational throws always make excellent retirement gifts or can commemorate a new job or promotion. Our throw blankets, pillows, and frames can be personalized with your own sentiment, message, and names.

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More About Our Sympathy Throws

Comforting words and actions from friends always strengthen weary spirits. The traditional funeral gift of flowers fades away in just a few days. However, a personalized sympathy throw blanket or pillow expresses your sentiment for years to come. Therefore, throws make an ideal memorial present.

Throw Blankets for Any Occasion

Searching for a memorable gift for another occasion? Chronicle your family legacy in lasting embroidery to remember Weddings, Anniversaries, or Occupational events. If you’re looking for a special gift for an unusual event, one of our custom-designed throws, pillows, or frames would be perfect. Since our throws are quilted and not woven, your family will enjoy their thickness and quality for generations.

Uncompromised Quality and service

Each throw blanket is cotton quilted matelasse style, with colorfast embroidery threads measuring 50″ x 60″. All throws feature scallop edging, a design if applicable, and sentiment. Every throw is machine washable in cold water and can be dried on low heat or hang to dry. We feature both a fast turnaround (within 24-48 hours) and excellent workmanship. Let us create a personalized throw blanket, pillow, or frame for you or your loved ones. Do you require a unique design or more custom embroidery? Feel free to email us or call (606) 594-9778. We reserve the right to promote or advertise our completed work through all social media and advertising platforms.
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